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The European Nursing Student Association (ENSA) is an organised network for cooperation between national nursing student organisations or colleges of nursing in Europe. The purpose of ENSA is to bring together European nursing students and representatives from all countries across Europe.
We want to discuss both practical and theoretical parts of our education, look at the differences and similarities, give and receive advice, and help each other understand the world of nursing.

A new ENSA Board 2016-2017 has been elected!

The Annual General Meeting 2016 of the European Nursing Student Association is closed! We have had 3 amazing days at the Consejo General de Enfermeria in Madrid where we have discussed and worked with “EU Directives”, “Interprofessional Collaboration” and “Discrimination in nursing”.

A new ENSA Board 2016-2017 has been elected! Please congratulate:

Julián Vadell Martínez, President of ENSA (Spain)
Joakim Stubberud, Vice President of ENSA (Norway)
Micky Kelderman, Board Member of ENSA (Netherlands)
Katharina Kiupel , Board Member of ENSA (Germany)
Olle Bescher, Board Member of ENSA (Sweden)

We are very happy to annouce that ENSA have made an Political position about the EU Directive 36/55.

The next ENSA Annual General Meeting 2017 will be held in Brussels.
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(ENSA Board November 2016)

ENSA Annual General Meeting 2016: ensa agm 2016 – information package

From October the 17th to the 19th, the General Council of Nurses of Spain (Consejo General de Enfermería) will host the 2016 Annual General Meeting of ENSA. This year, Madrid will become the European Capital of Nurses because, not only the Nursing students will be represented, but also the European Federation of Nurses will also host its meeting in this city. So it is a great opportunity to share different points of view related with our profession.

Please note: registration no later than the 1st of October

(ENSA Board September 2016)


Constitution of ENSA and Internal Regulations of ENSA available: please see Membership Area under CONTACT US 

(ENSA Board February 2016)