AGM 2013

Review on the ENSA AGM 2013 in Istanbul (Turkey)

Empowering Nursing Students

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General questions for the AGM we discussed on an international level
1. How long is your nursing education?
2. Is your education a bachelor degree?
3. Do you get financial support?
a. If yes, who from?
b. Is the support you receive enough or do you have a part time job?
4. Do you have to pay for your education – if so how much (Euros) ?
5. Do you have a nursing association in your country?
a. Do you have a nursing student association?
b. Are you a member?
c. If not, why not?

Main questions about the main theme: Empowering Nursing students
1. What challenges do nursing students have in your country?
a. How do you cope with them?
2. Do the nursing students have any influence on their education?
a. Are there other students or people who have more influence?
3. Do you get any education on empowerment?
a. If yes, what subjects are covered?
4. Do all nursing schools have the same curriculum in the whole country?
a. Do you want to have the same curriculum?
5. What is your nursing organisation doing for nursing education?
a. Do you think your nursing organisation is doing enough to represent you and
protect your rights?

Program ENSA AGM 2.-6. Of October

Wednesday 2. October
16.00 Welcome and presentation of the participants and dinner

Thursday 3. October
9.00 Presentations of the country’s questionnaire – each country present another country
13.00 Lunch
14.30 Nursing education and the nurses role in health system/society in Turkey (by hosts)
16.00 Florence Nightingale museum, Istanbul
17.00 Visiting a nursing school
19.00 Dinner

Friday 4. October
9.00 The importance of a Nursing organization – statement from ideas of NSSK
11.00 How to make a nurse student association by Karin Hoekmann
12.00 The nurse student association in Denmark and Norway
13.30 Lunch
15.00 Is it possible to make a student organization in all countries? Groupwork.
16.00 Mentorships and communication when starting an organization
17.00 Presentation Paul de Raeve EFN and collaboration with ENSA
17-45 Empowerment in nursing education and strengthening of nurse identity
19.00 Dinner and social gathering

Saturday 5.October
9.00 Ideas to make a statement for the ENSA board
10.00 Constitution and election
12.00 Lunch
13.30 Groupwork: What does empowerment and nurse identity mean for the students and
the patiens?
15.00 Brainstorming for statements for the ENSA board to create
16.00 ???
17.00 Free time
19.00 Dinner and party

Sunday 6.october
9.00 Breakfast
10.45 Summary and questions
12.00 Picture-taking and meeting with the new board